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Air rifles air pistols weekly UK delivery

If you're looking for airguns for sale, then look no further! Here at Pellpax, we stock a huge host of air rifles, air pistols, kits, accessories, and much more. Our range of products is growing all the time, and we're by far one of the biggest air gun retailers in the UK.

Unlike most registered firearms dealers, we deliver airguns right to your door, so you don't have the hassle of collecting your purchase. Whatever your requirements, whether it's for hobby, sport or pest control, we have air guns for sale, right here in the UK.

With a host of different rifle and pistol calibres, lengths, and stock on the weapons in our product range, you'll be spoilt for choice. Need help and advice? Don't see what you are looking for? Give us a call on 01263 731585 or contact us here and we'll do our best to assist you.