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Air Rifles

Air Rifles are ideal for a range of activities, from Target practice and shooting, competition and sport, to hunting and pest control. They come in a variety of designs from reliable and simple spring powered air rifles, excellent for starters, and those with a need to eradicate pests, or simply shoot targets in the back yard.

A step up from this, we have air rifles for sale that are propelled by CO2 capsules for greater speed, and also gas ram air rifles. The next level up are PCP rifles, which are among the most powerful, and best air rifles by design. Their air cylinder units providing great velocity, and lower running costs. Many can handle up to 500 shots per charge. The latter are used in field target shooting. You don't need a licence to own or operate an air rifle here in the UK, but you will need to follow specific rules on storage and use. Check out the site for advice and guidance.

In the sections below you will find a large range of Air rifles for sale from all the leading manufacturers, such as Air Arms, BSA, Weihrauch, Daystate, Hatsan, and Remington.

If you love your air rifles, you'll love our blog including our choices for the best air rifle on the market.
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