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Pellpax Rabbit Sniper Gas Ram Tactical - .22 Pellet

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New for 2018

The New Rabbit Sniper kit from us here at Pellpax serves as a serious upgrade to the original kit.

Ideal for those looking to deal with the largest and toughest of garden pests, this GRT version of our famous Rabbit Sniper kit delivers muzzle energy of just under the legal limit of 12ft/lbs and is chambered in the larger .22 calibre for humane pest dispatching at ranges up to 40m.

Where this rifle kit differs from the original is that behind its break barrel action, the GRT houses a gas piston instead of a main spring. This drastically improves both the rifles reliability and consistency and makes this rifle one of our best shooting in its price range.

The gas piston system also makes the rifle significantly lighter and well balanced allowing for enhanced precision whilst aiming. This is further compounded by the rifles high grade polymer stock that is comfortable to shoulder for shooters of any kind.

The rifle comes equipped with 3-9x40 scope, padded gun bag, tin of .22 pellets and barrel silencer, everything you need to get shooting!


- Action : Break barrel
- Calibre : .22
- Stock : High Grade Synthetic
- Trigger : Single stage (automatic safety)
- Length : 110.5cm
- Barrel Length : 48cm
- Weight : 2.51kg

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