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EK Archery RobinHood Recurve Bow

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    • EK 30" Alu Blue Arrows Grade 3 i
    • £14.99
    • EK 30" Alu Blue Arrows Grade 4 i
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    • EK 30" Alu Brown Arrows Grade 5 i
    • £15.99
    • EK Archery Carbon Arrows 30" - Pack of 6 i
    • £27.99

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    • EK Archery 60cm Foam Target i
    • £19.99
    • Pack of 10 Targets 18"x18" i
    • £8.99
    • EK Archery Target Pins - Pack of 12 i
    • £2.69
    • Crossbow Lubewax (Pack of 3) i
    • £11.99
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Great for beginner shooters the Robinhood lives up to it's legendary name. It's long iconic design and incredible power ensures hours of fun, effortless shooting.

Available in Black, Camo or wood this bow is a great buy for all. With a draw weight of only 30-35lbs very little physical effort is required to draw the bow meaning a large variety of ages can use it. The bow measures 59.25" in length and draws at 22"-29".

Alongside the bow you also get 2 x 30" fiberglass arrows to get you started, simple quiver offering efficient transport of your arrows, armguard to prevent the arrow or string catching your arm, finger tab which allows you to draw and release the bow and a target face.


Draw Weight: 30-35lbs Draw Length: 22"-29" Bow Length: 59.25" Brace Height: 6"

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