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Cold Steel Emperor Series Katana

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The Katana was a fearsome weapon in the right hands and was the favoured weapon of the Samurai, some of the most reviled warriors in all of history. Their prowess and lethality was legendary and this was largely down to their weapon of choice which featured a slightly curved, razor sharp blade that could literally cut enemy soldiers in two.

Cold steel have followed the traditional Japanese design for this Katana such as the ray skin handle covered in black silk, but utilise modern manufacture techniques and standards of quality control to ensure a long lasting blade that stays sharp. This sword also comes with an intricately crafted scabbard and blue-violet cover bag.


Blade Length : 29 1/2" Overall Length : 40 3/4" Steel : 1055 Carbon Weight : 41.4 oz Handle : 11 1/4" Samé (Ray Skin) Handle w/ Black Silk Braid Cord w/ Brass Menuki Scabbard : Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard

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