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Hornady Match - .223 Rem 75gr BT HP

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These items require a Firearms Certificate to purchase, please do not purchase if you are not an FAC holder. Please Email a copy of you License to either before, or after completing your Purchase.

Hornady match grade ammunition is loaded with only the best match bullets to ensure consistent accuracy quality. The advanced boat tail hollow point bullets and A-MAX bullets are a technological advancement in the line of ammunition.

The cases are selected by hand based on Hornadys very strict criteria: internal capacity, wall thickness and consistency, wall concentricity, and case weight. The bullets are securely seated, with consistent charges and pressures, to ensure that the best velocity and consistent accuracy is achieved.

Each powder charge is carefully match to each round for the best in performance, and the primers are of the best possible quality, again all match together to make some of the best ammunition ever.

Depending on the calibre, Hornady Match ammunition is loaded with Hornady A-MAX, BT, BTHP or HP bullets.


Weight - 0.68 lbs H.I.T.S. # (100 Yard Value) - 411 Ballistic Coefficient (G1) - .395 Sectional Density - .214 Test Barrel Length (inches) - 24

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