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CCI TNT Hollow Point - .17HMR

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The .17HMR round is an all around favourite for small game and varmint hunters owing to it having the highest velocity currently of any rimfire rounds.
CCI have created the TNT Hollow Point, offering a massive 2550fps velocity at the muzzle which at 100 yards only then drops to 1757fps still packing a hard punch from this little round.
The trajectory of the .17HMR is incredibly flat due to its high speeds and is able to greatly out-range the .22lr, with a reduced risk of ricochet due to it's expanding properties

This is a great round for any hunter who is looking for clean, humane dispatches.


Bullet Profile - Hollow Point Bullet Weight - 17gr Velocity : 0 Yards - 2550fps 50 Yards - 2132fps 75 Yards - 1938fps 100 Yards - 1757

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