Brands Hull Cartridge

Hull Cartridge Intercomp HV Fibre 24g 8 shot - 12 G

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This item requires a Shotgun License to purchase, please do not purchase this if you are not an Shotgun License holder. Please Email a copy of your License to either before, or after completing your Purchase.

Hull Cartridges range of Intercomp High Velocity shells deliver a level of performance and consistency not usually not associated with the price level. Their low level of recoil comes in part from the cushioning compression stage located within the wadding allowing the shot to be released more smoothly from the cartridge. Their premium grade hardened shot maintains downrange velocity and gives a tighter spread.


- Gauge : 12 - Shot Load : 24g - Shot Size : 8 - Wadding : Fibre - Case Dimensions : 65mm x 8mm - Velocity : 1400 fps

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