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Sierra 6.5mm (.264) 120 gr. HPBT Match MatchKing

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This old Scandinavian service cartridge has seen somewhat of a resurgence of interest thanks to many rifle manufacturers now using this calibre for their sporter range. This bullet is best used for serious sport and competition thanks to its incredible levels of accuracy. This inherent accuracy is, in part, down to the bullets boat tailed base which reduces the vacuum that is created behind the bullet when fired and therefore minimises the "pull back" on it.

This bullet really comes into its own when shot to ranges around 600 yards where the aerodynamic shape and high ballistic coefficient reduce this bullets sensitivity to cross winds, but also allows for maximum energy transfer into the target.


- Dia. (inches) - 0.264 - Weight (grains) - 120 - Sectional Density - .246 - Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges - .421 @ 3100 fps and above .409 between 3100 and 2800 fps .403 between 2800 and 2000 fps .417 @ 2000 fps and below

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